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Our Blogging Journey begins...

In our wonderful school, learning takes place around every corner and the staff room is no exception! The teachers are starting to learn more about blogging and are looking forward to sharing some of their thoughts and ideas with you. It's an exciting time, as very soon, all of the children in school will be encouraged to blog about their learning experiences too.


There are SO many amazing and exciting things happening is school at the moment. We've just had the travelling Mercy Door in school which (once we managed to fit it together!) enabled all of the children to walk through it and to receive a blessing from their class teacher.


Today (Thursday May 5th) we have some visiting Chaplains from Holy Cross College. They are supporting our school prayer leaders in setting up and running some prayer stations. Four Prayer leaders have been trained up and they are sharing their ideas with the rest of the Y5/6 prayer leaders. I'm really proud of their dedication and commitment (Holly-Mai, Makenzie, Wiktoria and Emily- thank you!) The prayer leaders will then lead the entire school in prayer later this term, as each class will get a chance to visit the prayer stations..


This Saturday, I'm off to Walsingham, which is very exciting. For many years, I've listened to Mrs Robinson talk about her visits but I've never had the chance to go before. I shall let you know how it goes.


The sun is shining and the trees are in blossom. 


It's been good to 'blog'


Take care everyone


Mr McRaesmiley


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